Sheesham Wood Nesting Table Set of 3 Stools


Brand: – Jai Furniture

Dimensions: – For 3 stool set

  1. Large :- Height 18  x  Width 17.5  x  Depth 12
  2. Medium :- Height 14  x  Width 14  x  Depth 11
  3. Small :- Height 12  x  Width 10  x  Depth 10
    (all dimensions in inches)

Primary Material: – Solid Sheesham Wood

Weight: – 10 Kg

Color: – Brown

Warranty: – 12 Months’ Warranty

Assembly: – Assembled By Jai Furniture

Manufacturer Advantage: We are the manufacturer, so the product is delivered directly to you, there is no middleman in it, it makes our service better.

Proudly Made In India


This Solid Sheesham Wood Nesting Table Set of 3 Stools will make a great addition to your space. Made from solid sheesham wood that is Durable & Long Lasting, this piece arrives fully assembled it will easily roll to any new location. It can be placed next to your bed or favorite chair, as well as an accent end table, to add a great touch to your home decor. Buy this Nesting Table Set of 3 Stools at best price at Jai Furniture.


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